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Privacy policy

This section provides information on how safe it is to use the official Achievers Holdings website in terms of providing personal data. Using our website, you can always be sure that your data provided during the registration of a personal account, as well as any information that can be transmitted directly in the process of cooperation, is always completely safe and inaccessible to third parties. To put these circumstances into practice and create complete security for each of our clients, Achievers Holdings has equipped the site with the latest version of the SSL encryption protocol.

Also, for the smooth functioning of all the site systems and its databases and regardless of circumstances (in particular, regardless of DDoS attacks), the company placed all the site systems and databases on secure hosting.

The company warns that with the proven fact of the occurrence of criminal liability, we will cooperate with law enforcement agencies to disclose and suppress further offenses, even if this requires the disclosure of the personal data of this person.

In all any other cases, the disclosure of personal data to third parties will not be provided under any circumstances.