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I forgot my account password how do i recover it

Upon login, click the Lost your password? link under the button and enter your email address. A new password will be sent directly to your inbox and you can then log in and change the password in the Password page. If you do not remember which email address you used to open your trading account, please contact Customer Support.

What is the profitability of the program?

Profitability depends on the investment plan you have chosen. We offer three groups of investment plans with different specialization and investment terms.

Are my profits Taxable

Taxation generally depends on the tax law governing your country of residence. Therefore, BIT TRADE ASSETS cannot delegate responsibility with its clients and they must tend to their own tax liabilities.

What payment systems are used by the company to support the investment process?

You can make investments using Perfect Money and Bitcoin

How long will my request for withdrawal of funds are processed by the system?

As practice shows, requests are processed automatically during 1 minute from our side. Depending on the selected payment system, the processing time may vary according to the operating rules of the selected payment system. The maximum processing time is up to 1 hours.

Are there any commission fees or other additional payments related to the investment process or financial transactions?

The program does not provide any commission fees, additional and / or hidden charges. You pay only the fees of electronic payment systems when making investments and withdrawing funds.

If my family members want to participate in the program, but we only have one computer that can connect to the Internet, is it possible for them to use this computer in order to start investing?

We do not recommend using the same device to create more than one account, since the system will interpret this activity as creating multi-accounts, which, in turn, will entail disciplinary measures at the discretion of the Company's management.

Why cant login into my Achievers Holdings Account

The most common reason for login errors happens when the password is copy-pasted (since there may be spaces before or after the password.) Make sure you type it correctly. An additional reason for login error is when your browser is storing old passwords through cookies. Please clear the cookies through the browser settings and if the problem persists, try entering with a different browser. For further assistance, please contact our support team to help you.

Tax and Commission

According to SEC, BBB and FTC all crypto trading platforms are required to pay taxes on individual account which holds the investor accountable for this. The investor pays a 15% tax of the Account balance amount before he/she is provided withdrawal assess. Said tax provides a tax clearance file for the investor when paid which proves the profit is a legitimate fund made through crypto/forex trading platform and also provides how profit was made day to day. Failure to proceed tax payment, investor can clue sued for unknown source of income / money laundering. Commission are personal discussions between investor and broker.

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